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  need receive a quality education
•  Help to improve a community through the educational opportunity your sponsorship will provide
“During a time when I felt a lot of doors were closing, SOMOS provided a window of opportunity”.
“I could not have gotten where I am today without the support of the Somos mentors. They have given me the confidence to pursue my goals as an immigration attorney at a time when the job outlook for attorneys has been dismal. I love my job and am eternally grateful to the Somos Foundation”.
Ana Lamb
The goal of the Somos Foundation is to create strong leaders in Utah to help our state prosper economically, and Somos knows that there is more to creating leaders than just offering scholarships for Latino/a students. Through the somos academy, latino students can get connected with and mentored by community leaders.
The Somos Academy is a series of seminars and workshops conducted by board members, donors and sponsors held for the benefit of Somo’s scholarship recipients where students grow in their personal development and adhere knowledge from mentoring and networking.

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Making Academic Dreams a 
Reality for Utah Students

Somos is helping grow strong communities in Utah by connecting individuals, businesses and families through educational opportunities.

 “The Somos scholarship gives you much more than a scholarship; it gives you a network of people who share the same passion towards sucess. It doesn’t make achieving your goals easy, but it makes them possible”.


The Somos Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening Utah’s Latino/a community through creating leaders by giving students opportunities to get educated, mentored and connected with local leaders. Somos has already awarded over 600 Utah students with scholarships totalling over $2M in financial support. Hear from students how the Somos Foundation is making a difference by providing networking and mentoring opportunities through @utahsomos and #UtahSomosStudents

The complete circle
•  A talented and qualified workforce that employers hire for key roles.
•  A quality job performance leading to stable employment for individuals.
•  Access to jobs with better health benefit plans.
•  The ability to build successful relationships and      foster stable families.
•  An improved community environment and lower crime rates

The Somos Foundation awards scholarships to Hispanic students in recognition of academic and vocational achievement, demonstrated leadership in school, community or other service activities, and financial need. Our donors are making a difference in the lives of hundreds of Hispanic students from low-income families. 

​You can make a difference too by becoming a scholarship donor today or by volunteering your time. If you have any questions or would like more information about donations please call (801) 532-3308 or email us at

​Thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness and kind generosity.
“Somos has given me the gift of education. As a social worker it has enabled me to give back”.

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“Somos gave the opportunity to continue my studies. More importantly, what I have learned, I give back”.
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Sonya Martinez
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Somos is the Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening Utah’s Hispanic community.   The goal of the foundation is to create strong leaders that will help our community to develop and prosper economically. 

Help Hispanic students become future leaders.  With your contribution, Somos is helping students reach their full potential. Any donation small or large will have an impact on their lives.

Make a difference in the lives of Utah's Hispanic students

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